Lead Flashing & Valley Repairs

Lead flashing is used along walls that intersect the roof. Each section of flashing channels water over the shingle downhill from it. But if the flashing rusts through, or a piece comes loose, water will run right behind it, and into the house it goes.

Rusted flashing needs to be replaced. That means removing shingles, prying siding loose, and then removing and replacing the step flashing. It’s that simple.

Our service area in County Wicklow includes Cloghogue, Redcross, Kilmacurragh, Rathdrum, Woodenbridge, Avoca, Kilcarra, Wicklow, Redcross, Dunganstown, Hawkstown, Ashford, Kilfee, Rathnew, Clonmannon, Ballyvolan, Timore, Newtown, Kilpedder, Delgany, Kilcoole, Newcastle, Greystones, Glencap, Windgates, Kilruddery, Templecarrig, Enniskerry and more.

A typical tile roof leak in valleys are caused sometimes by debris build-up.  Debris such as leaves, sediment from tile, etc.

It can also be caused by flashing that has became loose or turned slightly in its placing. This can lead to a much larger leak as it they are designed to drain water away.